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Getting There

Getting there- Transportation in DR congo

Nyamuragira Volcano is located in Democratic republic of congo in the famous national park of Virunga Parc and its in the eastern province in the north kivu . Visitors planning to adventure Congo most active volcano to come through the Goma Border and cross from Rwanda or Uganda.

Democratic republic of Congo is also known to be a region full of mystery,Gorilla trekking experience. We have also come to realize that safety is also the primary concern for the tourists in the recent days and it’s also important to always stay updated on the internal issues which might affect travel in the democratic Republic of Congo. Since it’s not completely safe in all the parts of the DRC and it’s important to choose a tour operator who is knowledgeable about the local conditions.

It is advisable to book your trip to Democratic republic of congo with a tour operator for expert advice. Nosy Be in the north has the most established tourist industry, including Italian and French all-inclusive resorts. Outside Nosy Be, the tourism infrastructure and accommodation is still limited and fairly basic; traveling by road can be tricky although guides and drivers are easily arranged.

English is not widely spoken outside international hotels, so knowledge of French is useful.

By Means of Air

Just from Kigali International Airport, it’s a 3 hour taxi ride to Rwanda border crossing at Gisenyi on Lake Kivu or you can cross the border and live in Goma and get accommodation facility there for the night. The guides will also help you with your border crossing and find the accommodations.

By Road means

The main entry point to Virunga National park is through Goma, the main entry point as well as the Banagana in southwest Uganda. And the best way to arrive in Goma by road is moving from Rwanda in Kigali and reach Goma which will take 3hours. Border crossing at Goma also needs a valid Congolese tourist Visa as well as a passport. The tourist Visa in Congo costs $ 100.

At the border, you will change the vehicles and it’s a short distance which is only 10 minutes to Goma where you pass your passport and it’s checked and the Visa stamped and you will meet your vehicle from Virunga National Park.in case you are traveling from Uganda, the shortest way to arrive to Virunga will be through the Bunagana border crossing where you buy a local visa.

Many car hire companies give transportation to Congo & Rwanda and most of the times, it’s not safe to visit Congo on a self-drive safari. You can also check out many car rental companies that will serve you during any of the gorilla expeditions to Congo.


Nyamuragira,also known as Nyamulagira, is a shield volcano located 9 miles (14 km) northwest of Nyiragongo. Nyamuragira is Africa’s most active volcano. It is a massive basaltic shield volcano that rises about 25 km north of Lake Kivu. The broad low-angle shield volcano contrasts dramatically with its steep-sided neighbor Nyiragongo.

The 3058-m-high summit of Nyamuragira is truncated by a small 2 x 2.3 km caldera that has walls up to about 100 m high. Historical eruptions have occurred within the summit caldera, frequently modifying the morphology of the caldera floor, as well as from the numerous fissures and cinder cones on the volcano’s flanks. At the vent, lava fountains often construct cinder or spatter cones. A lava lake in the summit crater, active since at least 1921, drained in 1938 during a major flank eruption.

At the moment Nyamuragira Volcano cant be visited for Hiking as the park hasn’t developed clear routes to access the volcano.

Eruption History


Planning a Visit to Congo for Gorilla Trekking
Mount Nyamuragira Volcano is located in the famous Virunga national Park in Democratic republic of congo and its the home for the mountain gorillas, Apart from hiking adventures primate safaris to congo are available as it includes visiting the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzee and other wildlife Animals while on a Congo Safari Holiday with a Reputable Safari Company based in Congo.